Poverty, greed, social customs, and human cruelty combined put families at risk for trafficking all over the world. As the fastest growing criminal industry, human trafficking is present in every country; resulting in an estimated 29 million victims worldwide. The images in this exhibit walks a viewer through a human trafficking survivor's home. A single mother of two small children living in Nairobi's Kibera slum, Sophie was trafficked by someone she thought was a friend.  Desperate to find work, she traveled with this friend on the promise of a job working as a housekeeper. 'I remember feeling excited to interview and potentially start a new job when I boarded a bus and took the 4-hour drive to Mombasa.  When I arrived, I was forced to work as a sex worker.'  The woman who had offered her the job drove her to a house surrounded by barbed wire. Guards carrying guns and dogs ensured she and other woman like her could not escape. One year later she was able to escape when a male client helped her. June, 2017 Nairobi, Kenya.